Stay in Tour

— A manifesto for pop and political cuisine.

Les Inrocks

— A Molotov cocktail into chef culture.

Vanity Fair

— An unprecedented dining experience.


— You’re actively pushing your food culture further.

René Redzepi, Noma


They were part of it:
Curators — Invited chefs — Matrixers

“Tam" Chudaree Debhakam  | Aaron Rosenthal  | Accursio Craparo  | Agostino Iacobucci  | Agustin Balbi  | Alan Micks  | Albert Adrià  | Albert Hazma  | Alberto Landgraf  | Aleksander Yourz  | Alessandro Della Tommasina  | Alex Atala  | Alexandra Meleán  | Alice Jun  | Allen Buhay  | Álvaro Clavijo  | Alvaro Garrido Ramirez  | Ana Ros  | Ana Sanchez  | Andreas Rieger  | Antonia Klugmann  | Antonia Klugmann  | António Galapito  | António Loureiro  | António Nobre  | Antonio Ziantoni  | Ari Taymor  | Arlette Eulert Checa  | Aurelie Altemaire  | Benedetto Rullo  | BJ Mantuano  | Bledar Kola  | Bo Songvisava  | Brandon Jew  | Bruce Ricketts  | Carlo Cracco  | Carlos Salgado  | Carmelo Chiaramonte  | Carolina Bazàn  | Céline Pham  | Cesar Costa  | Chiara Pavan  | Chiho Kanzaki  | Chloe Charles  | Christine Lau  | Colby Rasavong  | Colombe Saint-Pierre  | Coral Ayoroa  | Cristina Bowerman  | Dalad Kambhu  | Daniel Patterson  | Danielle Cueto  | Danni Barry  | Daryl Nuhn  | David Jesus  | David Thompson  | Diogo Rocha  | Douglas McMaster  | Dylan Jones  | Eduardo García  | Elena Reygadas  | Elisa Fernandes  | Emily Walden Harris  | Esben Holmboe Bang  | Felix Schellhorn  | Floriant Rémont  | Francesca Ferreyros  | Francesco Brutto  | Francesco Capuzzo Dolcetta  | Francisco Ruano  | Gabriel Oggero  | Gabriela Camara  | Gabriela Cámara  | Gabriela Prudencio  | Gareth McCaughey  | Garima Arora  | Gastón Acurio  | Geeta Bansal  | Germán Martitegui  | Gezim Musliaka  | Giglio Boys  | Gonzalo Aramburu  | Gresham Fernandes  | Guido Tassi  | Gunter Seeger  | Healthy Boys Band  | Heidi Bjerkan  | Henrietta Lovell  | Heydi Chavez  | Hisato Hamada  | Hugo Hivernat  | Isa Mazzocchi  | Ivan Brehm  | Izabela Tavares  | Jack McGarry  | Jaime Pesaque  | Jessada “Pod" Kruapunt  | Jihee Kim  | Jimmy Oien  | Joaquín Cardoso  | Jon Yao  | Jordy Navarra  | Jorge Muñoz  | José Avillez  | José Del Castillo  | Jose Luis Hinostroza  | Josef Centeno  | JP Cruz  | Juan Luis Martínez  | Judith Baumann  | Julieta Oriolo  | Justin Chearno  | Karime Lopez  | Keith Corbin  | Kenji Takeda  | Kim Alter  | Kristian Baumann  | Le Hoshino  | Lode van Zuylen  | Lorenzo Lunghi  | Lorenzo Stefanini  | Luiz Filipe Souza  | Lukas Mraz  | Luz Canaviri  | Mads Refslund  | Manoella Buffara  | Margarita Fores  | Marie-Victorine Manoa  | Mario Rosero  | Marius Frehner  | Marsia Taha Mohamed  | Mathieu Rostaing-Tayard  | Matthew Maue  | Mattia Pecis  | Mauro Colagreco  | May Chow  | Mei Lin  | Menex Cheung  | Mette Brink Søberg  | Michael Kim & Meichih Kim  | Michel Niquet  | Mingoo Kang  | Minh Phan  | Mitsuharu Tsumura  | Napol “Joe" Jantraget  | Nick Muncy  | Nicolai Nørregaard  | Nicolas Darnauguilhem  | Niki Nakayama  | Nka Lozovskaya  | Noélia Jerónimo  | Pablo Jesus Rivero  | Paola Gonzales  | Pascal Barbot  | Paul Carmichael  | Pedro Oliveira  | Pedro Pena Bastos  | Perfecte Rocher  | Perfecte Rocher & Alia Zaine  | Petter Nilsson  | Philip Rachinger  | Pia Leon  | Pierre Buffet  | Prateek Sadhu  | Prin Polsuk  | Rafa Costa e Silva  | Rafael Buitrago  | Rébecca Asthalter  | Remi Stijn  | René Redzepi  | Renzo Garibaldi  | Ricardo Chaneton  | Riccardo Camanini  | Riccardo Monco  | Richard Hart  | Richie Lin  | Rodrigo Alzamora  | Rodrigo Castelo  | Rosio Sanchez  | Ryan Chetiyawardana  | Ryogo Tahara  | Samuel Jett  | Santiago Lastra  | Sean Brock  | Sebastian Frank  | Selassie Atadika  | Sergio Meza  | Shoichi Fujimoto  | Sophie Cornibert  | Stefano Terigi  | Steph Wong  | Stephan Duhesme  | Stephen Toman  | Steve Lee  | Taka Kondo  | Takashi Miyazaki  | Thomas Frebel  | Thomas Troisgros  | Tim Butler  | Tomás Bermudez  | Tomás Kalika  | Valentina Arteaga  | Vasco Coelho Santos  | Victoria Blamey  | Virgilio Martinez  | Viviana Varese  | Walter El Nagar  | Weerawat “Num" Triyasenawat  | Yoji Tokuyoshi  | Yoshihiro Narisawa  | Yuriy Nikityuk  | Zahie Tellez



From Dec. 3rd 2020 to Nov. 15th 2021 Gelinaz! was on tour

200+ chefs remixed, played, performed
ideas, menus, recipes

from locked down, in-betweener, mute
Gelinaz! chefs

the loudest
dinner on earth!

© Alan

© Alan

© Jürgen Grünwald

© Jürgen Grünwald

© Jürgen Grünwald

© Jürgen Grünwald

© Jürgen Grünwald

© Sam

The tour

Gelinaz Strikes back!

And when you thought u were safe… Think different. Perform different. Live different. Cook different. Always push the other way around. OK Computer, OK Boomer – never ever ever trust the Carpet Merchants. Always do it your way. Go unexpected, go camouflage and adapt to increasingly changing situations. Reinvent yourself all the time.

Trump is gone. No more walls – but no more sell out and flying around for nothing. Think flygskam. Save the world some CO2, boost your neurons first. Stay in, Stay Home. And let, in these pandemic days, your ideas travel across the globe instead.

GELINAZ! performs food, morphs concepts. GELINAZ! cooks ideas, not just your dinner. Beyond the dictatorship of the copyright: one Matrix, multiples Remixes. Not just one Truth, but many multiple Truths.

Listen To The Silent Voices

Prick up your ears, hear the Unspoken. Listen to the Silent Voices all around. They might be casualties of the pandemic we all drown in, with their restaurants closed or postponed. They might be caught in between two phases of their lives in these difficult times. They are “In-Betweeners”, baring their souls, the New Dreamers. Listen to the Choir of the Silent Voices on Tour. Sing along their hopes, their fears, twist and shout their epiphanies, ghetto blaster their melancholia. Meet the poets past their graveyard, enter the GELINAZ! experimental playground.

Tour With Us!

The GELINAZ! “SILENT VOICES” ON TOUR comes in several dates.

Official kick off was December 3 2020, the international “Stay In” day, when GELINAZ! celebrates the Domosophism Day. The D-Day when all the GELINAZ! chefs across the world stay where they really belong – at home, in their own kitchens.

Each chef are given total freedom, curating everything, starting with the names of the fellow chefs invited to the venue to Remix the Matrixes, cooking in teams all the SILENT VOICES recipes sent to them. Curating the whole performance means: deciding the design of the gig, the possible inclusion of artists, defining the length, the shape, the content, the price and the size of the audience allowed, for sanitary reasons, to be part of the performance.

Chapter 1: Dec. 3rd 2020 (Worldwide)
Interlude: July 11th 2021 (Vienna, Austria)
Chapter 2: Aug. 29th 2021 (Worldwide)
Final: Nov. 15th 2021 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Cities & Line up

© Alan

© Alan

© Alan

© Jürgen Grünwald

© Sam

© Sam

© Sam

© Sam



No fake news: GELINAZ! plays the rules and plays by the rules.


Yo Chef, Yo! You will only cook the Matrixes that have been delivered to your doorsteps. A Matrix, is not just a recipe: it’s a starting point. Your task: to tear it into pieces first and only then to reconstruct it. To Remix it like a DJ does, pushing it even further, stripping bare its unconscious and its beats in order to make it your own.


Everybody got to do what he/she has got to do. A Matrixer has got to create the Matrix, the Remixers got to crack the Matrix and Remix it. The Matrixes have been expressly created for this performance by the SILENT VOICES Choir, GELINAZ! lads and gals in need of a podium, a space where to express themselves, devoided at the moment of a restaurant after it closed its doors because of the lockdown or the rough economics. A SILENT VOICE Matrixer might also be a chef caught by surprise at a crucial moment of his life, on the eve of a new project, unfortunately postponed because of the pandemic. We call them the In-Betweeners (in between two phases, two projects, two lives) our new Dreamers.


It happens one time, and one time only, in a venue close to you. The chef is your host. Be nice to him/her and his/her team: they all have been sweating their asses off. For you, for all of us. Remember, your host is not just the most perfect host: he/she is the curator of this all damn thing. A multi-task(ed) hero who took care of everything, who called the gathering of the fellow performers, loyal daredevil chef friends, willing to Remix all together in teams their assigned Matrixes. For days and weeks, they have been emailing each other, swapping ideas and prepping concepts.


Who cares about copyright and authorship? Matrixes are sent anonymously, apocryphally. Nobody knows who is hidden behind them... The audience will only discover, along with the chefs and their teams, the original author of the Matrixes that have been played and remixed on site, at the end of the gig. That’s the exact moment of the Reveal: the Epiphany.


A GELINAZ! gig is not a show. It’s a play, it’s theatrics. If you are amongst the audience, don’t feel like the excluded Drama Queen. Be part of the gig. Interact with the performers, be an actors not just the passive/aggressive spectator. Report the happening, share the content and the mood. You might be seated but you share the center of the stage.


Expect anything but the unexpected. Definitely not the usual supper and pudding thing. Expect a Whole Lotta Love of Food -and lots of booze to gulp it down- but Food for Thought it will be. Not for the squeamish and the faint of heart. Or any sort of just Fine Dining Lovers. GELINAZ! brings you where only a few (happy them) dare to follow: beyond food and evil.


Supports us!


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Vienna Info

What makes Vienna so special? Viennese cuisine, of course! Unsurpassed in its variety and influenced by the former countries of the Habsburg monarchy. With traditional dishes ranging from Wiener schnitzel to goulash.Vienna is rightly known around the world for its traditional inns and beisls, for cozy coffee houses and heurigers. But Vienna is also home to world-class gourmet restaurants. The top chefs have the courage to innovate and radicalize the traditions of Viennese cuisine. Visitors from across the globe come together here to enjoy the special hospitality. People meet over food and drink and hospitality has always been a priority in Vienna. Vienna's inns and restaurants are places of meeting and exchange. They are where contacts are made, policy created, where people laugh, flirt and, of course, dine in grand style.

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Tuorlo is a digital magazine that through high-end video content is giving a voice to the excellence of the chefs and their restaurants, the thousands of osterias and trattorias, the true sentinels of terroirs, the winegrowers, the producers. The unique visions of artisans, young people who are approaching the land consciously and sustainably, and who are not ashamed to call themselves farmers. Creative opinions from leading figures at the top end of the industry, whose work overlaps with many other sectors – from fashion to design to the world of culture. All of this is Tuorlo.


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© Jürgen Grünwald

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